E-learning that creates
exciting results

ProService e-learning module - anchors messages and statements both internally and externally...

The module is designed by ProService.

Ideal for educational purposes, e.g. for retailers regarding products, their use, etc. ProService e-learning module can ensure that the front staff is always up-to-date. A solution that saves great resources compared to consultant visits, meetings, regular seminars, etc.

ProService e-learning module is ideal for internal use in relation to introduction to the company, visions and products, anchoring the values, behaviors and so on.

The module ensures complete statistics - with selection options and filters - so that the knowledge base of the target groups can be directly measured - and possibly a follow-up strategy implemented.

This tool is easy to work with, and with an initial training in the specific platforms (customer's own design), our customers will be able to create their own, exciting and productive e-learning modules.

100% license-free - does not require any special software.

Contact Jonas Mollerup if you want to hear more about the ProService e-learning module.


Bengt Friberg | Project Manager

Steen Grue | Project Manager

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E-learning that creates
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